Master password allegedly wrong, strange string in the hint mail


I have the problem that I can no longer log into my account. I have the correct email address and the correct master password but I get an error saying that the combination of the two is not correct.
The note about my master password is also very strange. The first part of it is clearly the reference to my master password, but it is followed by the following part: "L&# This L&… means nothing at all to me.
I have not changed my master password. I noticed the problem after I was suddenly logged out of the Firefox extension on my Windows 10 PC yesterday. It is not possible to log in again under the extension, on the website or in the Android app.

@Christian_Helms - sorry to hear about your issues logging in. Are you experiencing the same behaviour if you log into the Web Vault at

If so, I would contact the Bitwarden CS Team right away.

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Hi David,

thanks for your tips, when I read through my problem I realised where the problem lies.
I come from Germany and here we have the umlauts Ä, Ö, Ü. Of course they don’t exist in English, here you would write with AE, UE or OE. Since the note in the email doesn’t know these letters, it used strange special characters instead. I have just seen that my translation program has “changed back” an umlaut. The note now makes complete sense to me and I was able to log back in without any problems.

Thanks anyway and have a nice weekend

Many greetings



Bitte aktiviere dringend deine zwei faktor authentifizierung, falls du das noch nicht gemacht hast. Weil es ist tatsächlich so, dass wenn du dein Passwort vergisst oder jemand es errät und dann ändert, kann dir auch der Bitwarden Support nicht mehr weiter helfen!
Aber ich bin froh, dass du dich wieder einloggen kannst.

Please urgently activate your two-factor authentication, if you have not already done so. Because in fact, if you forget your password or someone guesses it and then changes it, even Bitwarden support can’t help you anymore!
But I am glad that you can log in again.

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Seconding the urgency on activating recovery methods. They are truly essential. Also check the language settings on your email program. It may in fact not be the fault of Bitwarden, bit if it is, that should be fixed.