Many passwords are missing from my vault!

Probably because like me, you are a longtime Bitwarden user and many of these changes have happened over the years, thus we have a lot of “unassigned” entries as that used to be the default. Another issue is that some of my passwords are apparently owned by me and not by my organization, and these passwords were not affected by this clusterf*ck of an update. There’s been a lot of messy updates with Bitwarden over the years, and I can’t figure out why some of my “personal” passwords (as in passwords not meant to be shared with the organization or groups or whatever) are outside my organization and not part of any collections but rather part of folders while the others were in “unassigned” collection of my organization.

Organization vaults and collections are strictly for the purpose of sharing vault data. If you have passwords not meant to be shared with other Bitwarden users, then there is no reason to assign their ownership to an organization.

The real question is, if you have personal items (e.g., passwords not meant to be shared with other Bitwarden users) that were found to be stored in an “unassigned” collection, why did you assign them to the organization to begin with?

From a BitWarden fan

Just adding my voice so the product team gets a feel for how bad this was. For every person posting on this conversation, can you imagine how many others are experiencing this issue? After thinking that somehow our vaults had been hacked, changing passwords at several critical sites, etc… I see now that there was an email alerting us about the situation.

The email described the issue as “items … are no longer displayed … in All vaults … can be found … in the BitWarden web app”.

The mobile app user experience description is more like "Your passwords that weren’t in a collection are now completely hidden from you, with no recourse via the app to find them, and zero warning.

Every software company makes mistakes (I’m speaking from experience), but definitely be aware of the severity of this event. I trust your processes will be adjusted to prevent events of this severity in the future.


That’s my point, those were personal items not meant to be shared with the organization, I don’t know why part of them ended up in the unassigned collection of my organization. Some update at some point must have changed the default behavior of adding new entries which used to go to the user and then you had to manually change ownership to the organization if you wanted.

The discussion within the threads linked below indicate that default ownership has been vested in the user vault (not the organization vault) at least in the period from 2019 until the present:

Hi @jleedixon - this was a user communications miss and this should have been handled with more care. We deeply appreciate your trust and continued support here.


Yeah. This is a hot mess. I’ve been using BW for soooo long; I didn’t realize how many of my pw’s were unassigned.

Coupled with Safari Version 15.6.1 (macOS Catalina) extension won't work with latest update 2024.3.0 · Issue #8348 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub this password manager thing is a hard sell to my wife who is trying to tell me she had better luck with sticky notes (cringe).

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Count me as another paying customer impacted. I ended up resetting many of my passwords until I realized something was wrong. Very disappointing release, has made me question the product. Too bad, I just moved recently from LastPass due to Bitwarden’s reputation, but this botched release has shaken my confidence.

Pretty sure this isn’t true, I think all logins used to be assigned to the Unassigned collection. I’ve never deleted a collection, and half my logins were impacted

@gtran I’m wondering if credentials that are imported with no collection specified also end up as “unassigned”?


@grb that makes sense, as I am coming over from Lastpass. I imagine lots of your customers also made that transition. In fact, it was all my older logins that were impacted, so your theory makes sense!

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At least they have a lot more people joining the community forum!


Been using the app from mobile so long with biometrics now cant recall master pass and now all passwords have vanished :weary:

@Carl2 Welcome to the forum!

You had all of your passwords in an organization vault? Is the admin of that organization someone other than yourself?

@carl2, welcome to the community. It is generally better to create a new topic to deal with a new issue. Helps encourage responses.

Forgetting your master password is a “serious problem”. Nobody can “reset” it for you and nobody can access your vault without it – not even Bitwarden themselves.

If you have another phone or some other device that has your vault, set it in airplane mode (no network connectivity) before doing anything else and hope that it is still logged into Bitwarden. Then, start copying username/passwords out one-by-one.

Also, have you ever taken a backup that is unencrypted, or do you still have the spreadsheet you used when you migrated into bitwarden?

Once you have a backup, you can create a new bitwarden account using a different (perhaps plussed) email address. And then in 6 months or so when you are sure you will never remember the old master password, delete the old account.

Once you have recovered:

  1. create an emergency kit
  2. create a backup
  3. Set up emergency access so your spouse/parents/kids can get into your account after a delay. Primarily intended for things like death, but also usable of things like this.

The same happened to me - I thought I lost a large portion of my passwords.

Bitwarden hided all my passwords as they were not assigned to any collection.

If you logged in the web admin console, you are able to move the password from ‘unassigned collection’ to a ‘collection’ and everything will start to work again

Not the best user experience from Bitwarden

Hi @zano ,

thank you for your post - but I think this landed in the wrong category, because the thread is more about a corrupted vault after changing KDF (or something like that) and the vault seeming to be “empty” therefore the items being there, but “void”…

I have a hunch, @grb could assign your post to a matching thread. :wave:

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Thanks, I moved the comment into this thread.