Manually resizable sidebar / columns in bitwarden/desktop app


I searched the community feature requests but did not find anything. I found this old issue in bitwarden/desktop, though: bitwarden/desktop#19

As I commented in that mentioned issue, I’d like to be able to manually resize the dividers in the desktop app.

Quoting myself from here:

I stumbled across this issue today as well. The two columns should be resizeable. A lot of screen estate is wasted on the third column on normal widescreen monitors. I have some folders and shared collections with long names and would love to actually resize the first column so that there is no line wrap. I was able to do this in KeepasXC which I used prior and that’s the one feature I am really sore about. :frowning:


(there is also some more valuable input in that issue)

IMO this is expected behavior in desktop apps. Please, keep in mind that I’m no UX designer or expert. I’m open for a healthy discussion, though. :slight_smile:


After I’ve imported my database, in the first 2 minutes of using the app, I’ve struggled with the same issue. I hope somebody will take this into account even it is an old request, it is almost common sense to have this feature nowadays.


We also have this problem after importing our password database with around 400 collections. Many of the collection names are too long for one line and break into a second (or even third) line which makes it very messy and difficult to read.

The problem could be solved or defused a lot with a very simple adjustment of the max-width value in the .vault.groupings css class. Currently that is set to 250px. Setting that to 500 or 600px would help a lot for us. And it wouldn’t hurt people with shorter folder names since it’s only a max-width so it gets smaller with shorter names.

Based on your suggestion, I created the following PR: Widen the sidebar to 600px max by Rabattkarte · Pull Request #1503 · bitwarden/desktop · GitHub

Let’s see …


Thanks! :pray: We’ll have a look!

Thanks again! Just mirroring the comments from Github:

Thank you for your contribution.

After seeking feedback from our product and design team, this is good to merge.

We are considering this a temporary solution until adding the ability to scroll horizontically or a UI refresh.

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Is there a timeline to this?
Its really becoming difficult to use the app the way it is now, not scalable at all with basics missing and taking so long to get fixed.


Is this the line to request being able to resize the columns in the desktop app? Please add this. Or at least fix it so that it expands to fill the entire width. Right now it’s only taking up about half the width and then there’s some icon that says “Shared” when I hover over it.

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See here: Version 2022.10.0 shows truncated titles (bug fix on the way)

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When will the left column be either a bit larger or flexibly movable?

Pull request is merged, but haven’t seen a realease yet. @bw-admin

Thanks a lot

Does anyone know why after 1,5years a single line of CSS does not make it into production? Is there another vote anywhere or what can be done to make it happen?
Thank you!