Manual Sorting Folders, Entries

Hello, i can’t imagine how this wasn’t implemented nor requested already, but i would really appreciate an option to manually sort my folders/entries. for example:
instead of default abc.

I also like this request. Maximus, please add the correct tag to your post to comply with the forum rules. I request you add at least this tag: app:web

can’t edit neither find tags feature :frowning:

Ok, I can’t see your screen so maybe you’re right, but I am able to edit my posts. When I’m logged in and viewing one of my posts, there is a pencil icon at the bottom of my post. Clicking that lets me edit the post. In edit mode, underneath the Title textbox, there is a textbox that says “optional tags.” That’s where you’d add the tags. Then click “Save Edit.”

no such button for me unfortunately.