Managing my stuff after upgrading from individual plan to family plan

In spite of the good efforts of the existing support pages on the topic I did not quite understand how am I supposed to do the following

I had an individual plan, used by myself and my wife.
We defined one shared category for the logins we want to share
So we both have logins in our personal area, and some logins in the shared category

Now I upgraded to family plan to extend the tool to daughters

What I want to get to is that everyone can have his/her hown private logins, but there will be a few [partially] shared Collections

  • Daughter (12) seen by everyone
  • Mum and Dad seen by just Mum and Dad
  • Granpa and Granma seen by just them two

EDIT: I think I got the following (correct me if I am wrong please):

Now after getting the Family plan I see 3 “sections”

  • My “Individual section”, where some items are, owned by “Me”
  • My “Individual organization”, where I find some items owned by the organization (which is called with my Name and Surname), those shared between my wife and me
  • My new “family organization” still to be populated

Essentially, what I want to do is

  • transfer the shared category folder within my “Individual organization” to a specific category under the Family Organization
  • so I can Leave my Individual Organization (same will do my wife), and end up in a scenario where everyone has only his on personal stuff + one only organization (Family)


  1. How do I transfer all items from the shared category inside the Individual Organization to a category inside the Family Organization?

  2. Is there a way to force my daughter’s account (being she a minor) to always save logins and whatever other items into the Daughter (shared) category?

Thanks in advance for enlightenment :slight_smile:

Hello Alberto42, and welcome to the community!

So, you right now own two orgs under your account, one that you share items with your wife, and now your family org. You pretty much want to move all the existing shared items into the new family org, and delete the existing individual org.

To move an item from an org to another is not straightforward. You basically clone each entry from the Individual org into your personal vault, and then share the item into your family org, which besides the cloning (and deleting from the individual org after everything), pretty much follows the same steps as your originally shared your items. It’s probably best to not delete anything until your have verified successful sharing in the family org with your wife.

You cannot force your daughter to save to only family org. This policy is available only for Enterprise subscribers.

After you have shared (and verify sharing) with your wife in the family org, you can delete the old org so each of you would only have one org attached to the personal vault.

BW help:

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