Managing my dad's passwords

I use the free version of Bitwarden to manage all my passwords, and also the passwords for my parents’ online accounts as they are not very tech savvy and I set up all of the accounts they need and do things on their behalf. When they need to log in to certain services on their phone I usually need to look up the password on my Bitwarden account and tell them. I want to set up Bitwarden on their phones so they can be more independent, but I also need to be able to have full access to be able to do things for them. I suppose I could just create a separate Bitwarden account for them, but it could be a pain for me to keep logging out and in between my account and theirs, and when I save logins I’d have to keep making sure I’m saving them to the right Bitwarden account. If there a feature I don’t know about that would solve my problem?

Not sure if it will meet all of your needs, but if you are doing this only for one other person (your dad), then your best bet is to create an “Organization” from your account, then make a separate Bitwarden account for your dad and set his account up to be a member of your Organization. You can then create a “collection” within your Organization, which will be where all of your dad’s login credentials are going to be stored; you should be able to set up permissions so that he can see/use these passwords but not edit or delete them, if that’s what you want. You can even set up permissions so that you cannot see the items in the collection while you are using your own personal vault, which may help reduce clutter when you are using Bitwarden for your own purposes.

You’ll notice that grb’s remark specifies one person because BW’s term of service doesn’t allow 2 people using one account. If you need to set up an org for 3 people, then you’ll need to subscribe to the family plan to comply with the term of service.

If you are fine with just setting up another account for your dad/mom, then you’ll be fine.

That’s also true, but the actual reason (which I should probably have explained) is that the free organization that is included with the individual plans (free or premium) has a cap of 2 members (the owner of the organization plus one invited member).

The meaning of the / in your statement above is ambiguous. If you are suggestion that dad and mom share one Bitwarden account, then this is technically possible, but it is a violation of Bitwarden’s Terms of Service.

Perhaps we are both saying the same thing, and I’m just not parsing your comment correctly (haven’t had enough coffee yet!).

If OP needs to manage accounts for both mom and dad, then the cleanest solution would be a Family Plan, as you have suggested. However, I don’t think there is a limit to how many organizations can be joined by someone with a free individual plan, so a possible alternative solution would be for everybody to have their own free individual accounts, and then set up two free organizations (one owned by dad’s account, one owned by mom’s account) and invite OP to join both. This would require some finessing of permissions on the collections (to make it possible for OP to manage the contents), and there would be no way for mom and dad to share credentials with each other. If three-way sharing is required, then a Family Plan is the only solution that is compliant with the Terms of Service.

I have a similar situation with my wife, although she’s reasonably tech literate.

I set up BW on her laptop, and I’ve spent today making her passwords more secure. She only has 11 passwords (as opposed to my hundreds). Tomorrow I’ll be setting up 2fa for some of her accounts. I of course know her password, so I have full access to her passwords on her machine.

When I’m done, I will export all her passwords and import them into my BW. They will be labeled as hers. For example, I’ll have

Facebook (Lena)

I think that will be less complicated than occasionally logging in to her account on my computer.

Things are set up so that Touch ID will work, and I’ve shown her how to use BW.

That system worked fine with LastPass, and I rarely needed to do anything.