Managing multiple URLs for one website

This help community user interface is impossible to use. — Question. One of my Bitwarden entries now has a new URL. The old url still works, but it now points to their fancy new and improved URL. How do I manage this in the Bitwarden vault? One entry with two URLs?

If the fancy new and improved URL is permanent, I would just replace your old URL with the new URL. Otherwise, you can add the new URL to your login entry so that you have both.

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To expand on @RogerDodger’s answer, as long as you trust the old URL (e.g., it has the same domain as the new URL, so you don’t have to worry about somebody buying the old domain name when it expires, and using it to host a webpage full of malware), then there is no harm in storing both URLs in the login item.

If you use the “Launch” function in Bitwarden to open websites, you should be aware that it is the top URL (URI1) that is opened when the vault item contains more than one URL.

Finally, I’ll point out that it is possible to customize the URI match detection options individually for each URL stored in the same login item (by clicking the :gear: icon to the right of the URL). This can be used to control whether auto-filling will occur only for one or for both of the URLs.

So, both URLs can be entered into the Bitwarden entry for one website. Thanks to both of you for your kind, knowledgable advice. I will investigate the “match URL detection.”