Management options for Family plan?

Does the family plan have admin controls for an appointed account to do things like reset master passwords? I’d like to get my parents in on this and it would be helpful if I could do things like that.

My recommendation would be to have their password in your Bitwarden account if they are fine with this.
I cannot prove it but I do not believe that you are able to reset their password. The family plan is more like “Every member has his/her own account and can share items with each other.”

The “owner” (I think that should be the person that pays for it) can assign certain roles to every member. Those rules have more or less limitations. Here is is what it looks like:

Do not forget that if a member can change or delete data on purpose or by accident you will not be able to help them by restoring that data as it will also be gone for you.


Gotcha, thanks! Is there a page that details what each of those roles is capable of?

Yes, take another look at the screenshot. You click where the arrow points to and you get here: User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help & Support


That URL is exactly what I was looking for, couldn’t find it before, thanks! Has more detail into the permissions than your screenshot. Appreciate the help.