Manage password with Admin user

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for (if exist on bitwarden) a functionality for manage password by an Admin user full control and for non-Admin users only the possibility to generate a new password.

It’s possibile?


@capste Welcome to the forum!

I don’t work with organizations personally, and the documentation is a bit ambiguous on the matter, but the closest option that I could find was setting the user (or group) permission to “Can edit, except passwords”.

This permission level is described as follows in the documentation:

The user or group can add new items, remove existing items, and edit existing items in the collection, except hidden fields like passwords.
Users may still use passwords via auto-fill.

It is unclear to me whether the exception (“…except hidden fields like passwords”) applies to all the listed actions (“add”, “remove”, and “edit”), or only some of them. It is a long-shot, but I would suggest that you experiment with this option, and see if it works for you.

Hi @grb for this permission I need a business account or work also with standard account?

You should be able to do this either with a free organization (which can be created from any individual account, free or Premium), or a paid organization (Family plan, Teams plan, or Enterprise plan).

I assumed that you had already set up an organization, since you were talking about admins and users.