Making Bitwarden Faster (Or am I using it too much?)

How can I ‘performance tune’ Bitwarden? I use it a lot, and every time I click the icon in firefox, it takes about 6 seconds before the menu is done loading. A search takes about 2 seconds, and sometimes it “looses” letters if I type too fast. When I click ‘out’ of the bitwarden menu and it goes away I feel actual anxiety that I lost another 10 seconds at least to get back to viewing what I was viewing.

I have about 1500 items in my vault. Is that too many? (I’ve been using password managers for all my passwords and credit cards for a good decade at least)

BW is very often the highest “energy impact” in firefox’ task manager. How do I make it more efficient?

Hello @ojr - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

I use the BW browser extension in Firefox, Safari and Chrome, mostly, and I use it on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, and I have never seen this issue before. I have a larger vault than you do, as well, so I don’t think that’s it.

I can suggest a few things to try to see if they help:

  • Disable all your other browser extensions and restart your browser. It could be that another extension is interfering with Bitwarden.
  • Try switching networks - for example, if you use a VPN, turn it off, restart your browser, and then look to see if that changes anything. Network issues are the number one reason I have seen for strange behaviour in Bitwarden, based on user accounts here on this forum.
  • If you haven’t done so already, consider setting your Vault Timeout Action setting to Lock instead of Login. If you are constantly logging out of your vault when using the extension, it may take some time to re-download your encrypted vault and open it, particularly if you are on an older computer and/or slow or laggy network connection.
  • Try uninstalling the BW browser extension, restarting your browser, and re-installing BItwarden again. Sometimes your browser’s profile can become corrupt and strange issues happen. Reinstalling will reset your profile.

Hopefully one of those help! Cheers.

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I use only firefox on linux on my laptop, and brave on android for phone (the slowness i see only on laptop). I use a number of wifi networks throughout the day and the behavior is consistent on all of them.

I don’t use any “VPNs” as the term is used in modern society. I do VPN all my traffic when using my mobile hotspot, but only because it avoids a data cap. Regardless the problem happens when not using VPN as well.

I’d rather not go guessing and fishing and trying a dozen things blindly.

How do I ‘profile’ bitwarden?

I need to log (with timestamps) what it’s doing every step of the way so I can read back through the log to figure out what it is spending its time on. If one of those steps is “waiting on bonzai buddy to release a lock file” then we can talk about other plugins.

OK, good luck! Let us know how you make out. Cheers.