Make the 'X' button in the search field of the Desktop application more visible

The X button in the search field of the desktop app is barely visible. It is blue in color, so when light mode is enabled, the button is not that visible. I would like the X button to be red in color.

I agree with you the clear button in the desktop app is poorly visible. I think in red it would not suit to the overall design, it should be white like the search icon on the left side. When you hover the mouse over it it should flash a little bit, so that anyone can see that it is possible to click on it.

I agree; I came to this forum to suggest adding an X for clearing and was surprised to learn the desktop app already had one!
I have two suggestions. First, consider lightening the search box rather than changing the button. Only the desktop app has a dark search field (why?); the browser plugin and the web interface both have white/light search boxes.
Second: please add an β€œX” to the browser plug-in and the web interface. It’s a pain to always be selecting/clearing the search box.