Make the Name column wider in web vault

Currently the Name column is too narrow and it is difficult to tell one item from another especially for items that start with the same words like in the example screenshots. The Owner column takes up way too much space especially for standard accounts where the Owner is always “Me”.

I am aware of the full-width preference that can help alleviate this issue but even with full width enabled, the bulk of the issue is still there.

Specific changes proposed:

  • Give the Name column 2/3rd of the available width and reduce the Owner column to 1/3rd.
  • Alternatively, for standard accounts, there is no owner other than “Me” so hide the Owner column altogether.


Thanks for your request! We are already working on a fix for this.You can also extend the width of your view by going to Account Settings > Preferences > Display full width layout

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I agree with everything @chinhdo said.
I also suggest allowing you to optionally hide the right vertical section “div col-3” which reads “Low KFD iterations” (visible in the screenshot). Hiding it would allow the “Name” column to expand more widely.

Thank you very much.

Glad someone has similar thoughts. I was also writing how the center div section needs a bit of rework.

Closing as this was fixed in release 2023.8