Make SDK integrations easier by documenting OrganizationId or removing it

The SDK requires an organizationID as a argument for for a many of the methods, e.g.

Project Create
Project List
Project Update
Secret Create
Secret List
Secret Update

The organizationID isn’t required by the CLI. Not sure why it is even part of the SDK, but one or more the the follow would make getting started easier.

  1. The SDK provides a 'GetOrganizationID` method
  2. Publish the Organization ID somewhere on the BitwardenWebValult and document how to look it up at Secrets Manager SDK | Bitwarden Help Center

I personally think the SDK would make more sense without the organizationId at all (like the CLI) but I suppose it would be a breaking change to remove it at this point.

Was able to find my organization by downloading the bws CLI tool creating a project and looking at the 'organizationId` in the result. Seems unnecessarily convoluted.

Kind regards