Make permanent delete after 30 days optional

Once an item has been deleted and is in the trash, it will remain there for 30 days. You can alternatively navigate to the trash view in your vault and restore, or permanently delete the item immediately.

This seems to be an odd behavior. When I have a Trash I can move things into, usually I have the choice of emptying it - or not. Therefore I suggest a setting, where we can switch the auto remove after 30 days off.

Calling this odd behavior maybe is a bit strong. It depends on what you usually use. For example Google (mail) and Apple (iOS/photo’s) purge after 30 days. It could be that the current fashion is towards a 30 day auto-purge, i’m not sure.

Maybe its a bit strong.You found two perfect examples. But how about every Trash on every OS? Data Governance can have many faces. Per my job I am very aware of that. But ultimately, there should be freedom of choice.

At the moment I move the data I no longer use into an [OLD] folder and change their name to [OLD] xxxxxx. Not the most satisfying solution.

Maybe add a button for “empty trash” (with a question dialog if you are sure to delete all entries within the trash) and a setting where you can change the default (30 days) to another value.

He’s not trying to delete them permanently he’s trying to save them… in the trash… but that makes no sense why would you throw something in the trash if you want to save it? The trash is for clearing out old files, it offers a 30 days grace period before permanently deleting the files for your own convenience. If you want to save passwords move them into a folder as your doing, if you don’t want them to show up in the Login list delete the URL’s but save the names. I’m not sure why you need to delete it though cause it does save a password history every time you change a password, as well as the previous passwords.

The every trash on iOS devices doesn’t really work either many of them have 30-60 day purges.

Because they still show up in the “All” List and in searches etc… Call it what you will. Don’t like the word Trash? Use Archive. For me it makes sense as I have 86 of those out of my 245 passwords.

Hmmm Windows? No. Linux Desktop? No. MacOS? No. Can you help me out here?

yeah i agree , even i need this feature

Did you remove the URL from the passwords you want to archive, if you remove the URL it has no way of linking the password to the site to show it in autofill. Then don’t use the All list. Or create a second bitwarden account and share the passwords with that account you want to save and delete them from your account I honestly don’t see it as a big deal I have hundreds of passwords saved many I don’t use it doesn’t effect me at all. Store then in a folder called Archive and don’t use All, and it’s done

OK, I’ll break it down for you. I do not want to remove the URL, because some of them are IP addresses I want to “keep”. And, I want to use the “All” list. And I have a Pro account, because I need some of the features, like TOTP, which can be another reason not to just delete something.

Why, exactly, do you want to talk me out of this or contradict me? If you’ve been reading my post before, you see, I work in Enterprise IT so I am aware of some workarounds.

If you like to see the feature, vote for it. If not, don’t. End of story, for me at least.

Well the point of a discussion forum is to discus is it not?

I’m just making a valid reason why this feature is not needed. Because most of what’s your describing doesn’t effect the majority of the bitwarden users.

So your basically using them as “Notes”.

I did not see the part that you work in IT I apologize, I’m currently getting my CCNP and Engineering Degrees. But none of that means anything other then a flex which the tone of your posts tell me that your frustrated when people combat your idea. But you have to remember the point of these forums is to discuss so the devs can see both sides of the coin, why it’s good, and why we don’t need it, so they can make a good decision to focus resources towards.

I’m insisting on fighting you on this because there’s much more pressing issues and suggestions that BitWarden should focus on instead of manipulating how the trash works for a handful of users.

This part of the forum is less a discussion forum, this is why its called “Feature Requests” and not “Feature Discussion”. Yes, I am frustrated when someone combat my ideas in here. Why? Because there is no reason. Your pressing issues are my nuisance and the other way around. Therefore I cannot see, how your mission to dismiss someone else’s necessities would produce any positive input for the project.

If my request will not have enough votes, the developer(s) will rightfully ignore it. That’s why there is a voting system. But if you want to go on with your crusade in dismissing someone else’s request. Be my guest.

Hey folks - the goal for this forum is indeed to discuss these topics - we want to see thoughts on how things can be done, vs. thoughts on why functionality may not be needed.

Let’s focus on how to solve the problem here - which seems to be there is no “archive” function, aside from the trash, which is not, and probably will never be designed to be an archive, it’s just a rest-stop before deletion :slight_smile:

It may be more productive to join the discussion here instead:

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Understood and will vote there. Of course feel free to close this one.