Make password sharing eaiser for non-technical people

I’m using a Bitwarden family plan and when I share a password wth my wife and kids, I need to move the password to an organization and then assign it to a collection in that organization.

This is perfectly fine for the technically savvy among us. But for the average home user, this is a level of complexity that the UI should hide from most people. When you click on the 3 dots, there should just be an option to “Share password” and then it lists all the people in your family plan. You pick the people you want, and it auto-moves the password into the organization, and either automatically creates a new collection, or re-uses one that’s already there with the right people in it.

And when you unshare a password, it should automatically move it into your personal vault and delete it from the family vault without you needing to do anything extra other than unshare it.

The current method is obviously useful for more advanced fine-grained control and should be retained for corporate/enterprise customers. Perhaps available as an “advanced” option somewhere.

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