Make MSI installer available

Feature name

  • MSI installer package

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    It will allow admins withing businesses to automatically deploy and update the Bitwarden software to all the users. The current EXE installs does not provide such features.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Better manageability for businesses/enterprises

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The Bitwarden .exe app already checks for updates every time on startup. If an update is found, it will be installed. This happens I think every time you open the program.

There is also no easy to way to turn it off.

What you say is true, but in our company we want to use bitwarden and our users do not have the permission to install or update software them selves. Is there was an MSI package it would make the admins life easier for those type of deployments.

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What are you using to deploy software? If it’s Intune or something that can connect into the Microsoft Store you should be able to deploy the store version of Bitwarden which doesn’t need admin rights (I just tested it), although there are some limitations to the store version such as the browser integration doesnt work


We use PDQdeploy which made my life as an admin a whole lot easier. I haven’t tried Intune because we don’t have the licenses for it. But its good to know that it works, so thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

We currently deploy the Bitwarden.exe from PDQdeploy with the /S commandline option to make the install silent. It works, but with a MSI install package you just can implement way more options.

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You may be able to deploy it with PowerShell Scripts like the below:

Deploy Microsoft Store apps – Support (

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Hello, you don’t need an MSI to update Bitwarden. You can either use the unattended cmd line like Bitwarden-Installer*.exe /S or even use winget to update the installation.

Well most of the offered solutions which I really appreciate ofcourse, but they depend on the MS Store. But our company has the policy that the windows store is not a valid source for users to get their software from.

Agree, MSI installer for deployment in low priviledge environments please!!! .exe tries to install with the users low priviledges and prompts for admin credentials. .msi will allow intune to push and silently install using SYSTEM credentials


Any updates on this? MSI installers are also used for common software deployments using Microsoft GPOs.


@BoschmanIT @hereCOMESlappy

Just an FYI, the lastest releases of the Bitwarden .exe do allow for install under the local user profile for %APPDATA% without the need for admin permissions or UAC elevation.
I know this was a gripe with looking to get our company rolled out, but I have noticed the most recent installs do not require it unless being installed system wide for all users.

I’d like to add to this that MECM (SCCM), which I imagine is still fairly common around organizations, has a fairly straightforward deployment and detection method for MSI installations, but for EXE the installation would require a script and some extra administrative steps.

An MSI installer would be very much appreciated to help simplify the deployment process.


Put me down as an organization admin who would like to be able to deploy an MSI with Microsoft Configuration Manager. The MSI parameters we would need include “/qb” (silent with progress bar), “/norestart” to prevent even the remote possibility of a restart, and an “ALLUSERS=1” type of option to install as system for all users.

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Our Company would also appreciate a msi installer version. FYI We us ACMP as Management System

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+1 for MSI

I don’t even to IT in an Enterprise environment but my home environment might as well be one at this point.

It would be greatly appreciated to have the ability to push Bitwarden to endpoints via GPO Software Deployment with an MSI package especially when reimaging machines which I do twice a year at minimum.

I am sure building the MSI could be included in the deployment workflow when pushing new packages.

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Is there any news here yet?
Distribution by means of software distribution is actually standard in the business environment!
Especially increased restrictions on the client side regarding admin rights, MS Store access, internet access (e.g. for update downloads, etc.) and the “overview” of the version status of the individual clients actually require a clean rollout/patch management via software distribution.
An MSI would be the simplest solution for this!

Please make sure to offer an MSI version!
Thank you very much!

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+1 Vote for MSI Installer
As a System Administrator in MS environment, If MSI installer is available, it makes our life more easy … waiting for updates

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Need MSI-can’t deploy a Windows Hello compatible BitWarden from Intune.

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