Make life more practical with these suggestions

I would be very practical, if in the bitwarden account in the free plan you could add the features such as:
1- show numbers of how many password stored
2- add a feature that if a person has more than one password manager accounts of different places, a feature in the import/export to select which new password stored you want to add in another account
3- the option of pin to unlock
4- offline option

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Please keep in mind when posting feature requests that they should only include 1 feature per post to allow for voting and discussion.

  1. Vault item totals are currently available on select clients
  2. It sounds like you are looking for the ability to select where you are importing passwords to? Import into organization's collection
  3. Unlock with pin is currently available.
  4. Offline editing is on the current roadmap.

I’ll be closing this thread, but feel free to post individual feature requests if they don’t already exist.