Make it easier to read a password when typing it in

There is an eyeball icon that will reveal the password. For those times when copying the password into the clipboard is not an option, please consider adding another icon to display the password in groups of characters to make it easier to read the characters and not lose your place. I haven’t completely mastered the touch typing method, and I suspect I am not the only one who types better when looking at the keyboard. When your eyes are jumping back and forth from the visible password to the keyboard, this makes it easier to keep track of where you are in the password typing process.

Example -
Password is: xywz*(E1Oo0I6y%T
After clicking on the icon, show the password as: xywz *(E1 Oo0I 6y%T
(groups of 4 characters with a space character between them)

There are lots of different ways to make password reading easier. Alternating colors is a good one but currently used for special characters. Another way might be to display the password as groups of 4 characters but arranged in a vertical fashion. Like so:

Or any number of other ways. I use passwords lengths in multiple of 4 characters as a general rule, so breaking the password up into groups of 4 makes sense to my brain. Obviously, there are other use cases where something else makes more sense. Then there are the cases where a space character is part of the password. What to do then? Single quotes around the password fragment? Not sure. You guys are smarter than I regarding the differing number of user scenarios.

The 2 example above are merely ideas to get your mind to think along the same lines. The base request is the same. Consider making it easier to read a password and type it somewhere else without losing your place.