Make Collection-Names searchable

Feature name

  • Search field for collections

Feature function

  • add a search field above the collection listing
  • typing into that search field filters the displayed collections by name
  • this would drastically improve usability when havíng a lot of collections (we have about 160 collections)

I would suggest adding the search field at the blue marked area:

This would be really nice, we have over 300 collections - and having to scroll down and find the correct one gets tedious.

We would also love this feature in all clients

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This would be especially helpful in the browser extension and mobile apps.

+1 from me. We recently imported our organization’s KeePass 2.x Database into Vaultwarden/Bitwarden. It is however hard to find the correct entries. KeePass’ search was much better (at least the official Windows application’s search) as it would also search the folder names (which now in Bitwarden is managed as Collections within the organization).

Thanks, in the web vault you can tap collections to search collections, or visit the organizations tab.

Searching folders will be possible in a future update, thanks for your patience!

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Is there any progress on this? It would be very appreciated. We have 350+ collections, and scrolling to find the right one is a pain.

This feature would be so nice to have also in the desktop app.