Make autofill of newly-generated passwords possible

Unless I’ve missed something, the only action that can be done with a password newly-generated by the browser extension is to copy it to the clipboard. Why not an additional menu-option for autofilling this into new-password fields on we pages?

More than just a convenience, my main reason for requesting this is that some password-change web pages refuse to paste text from the clipboard.
I’ve just run across this, and I’ sure I’ve seen it elsewhere before.

Hi @paxe!

There is an option when creating a new login to “autofill and save” - does that cover your request?

Here’s the contribution from @eliykat last year:

Thanks, but no, not quite what I mean. My description wasn’t as clear enough… by new password, I’m mean referring to changing that for a site already in my vault. I said “newly-generated” to mean a password from Bitwarden’s Generator. Perhaps my title can be improved somewhat?

I guess this would have to be a new button from the Generator and/or a new menu-item from the right-click popup.

When I changed a password on a given site, and I log in with it… bitwarden always asks me if it should update my password. Doesn’t this do what you want?

No, you’re not following me at all. That happens afterwards, and my issue
has nothing to do with either reading from or writing to the vault.

In view of this, perhaps autofill is not the right terminology to use.
What I’m asking for is an autofill-like feature from the Generator
rather than the vault.

I get it! And I like it!
Something like a hotkey allowing to generate a password along the defaults, and immediately paste it into the form field you’re in. That would indeed be a nice feature.

@paxe @JurgenG - something that may be helpful: you can use CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + 9 (while in the browser) to generate a password and copy to the clipboard without the UI :+1:

No… kindly read my initial feature suggestion, my subject doesn’t really encompass the whole thing. The clipboard is precisely the shortcoming in existing bitwarden functionality, that needs emphasizing.

Good. Also worth mentioning is that Lastpass has been able to do this as long as I can recall, probably 10 years or more.

In fact it just occurred to me that I can use the Lastpass browser extension to solve the problem right now, even if I intend to put the result in my Bitwarden vault. I will likely do that as my solution going forward.

I agree with the OP on this request.

I just recently moved all my accounts from Lastpass to BitWarden and I went through and change all my passwords.

But I ran into a couple of sites where they don’t allow you paste your newly generated password into the new password fields. So imagine creating 20 to 30 character or more password and being told that you have type it in. I pasted an example below.

Now I don’t blame BitWarden for this as they can’t account for how different sites approach how you enter new passwords. But it would be nice if there was a feature where BitWarden and fill in the new passwords into the field.