macOS support of USB fingerprint readers?

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Hi all,

I have searched - apologies if I’m posting a scenario that’s already been specifically covered.

Mac Mini M1 running Sonoma. Bought a Kingston Verimark Guard USB-C key, thinking it would be supported somewhat similarly to their USB-A key on my Windows 11 laptop - particularly the unlock with biometrics function.

No such luck; my bad in not looking into it further prior to purchase. Have I wasted my $$ here (as I’d like to continue using Bitwarden) or are there plans to support this in macOS?

Using Firefox.


@MXen83 Welcome to the forum!

Apparently, Apple does not permit third-party fingerprint readers. You can get an Apple Magic Keyboard, or an Apple Watch to do biometrics on a mac. Some discussion of the matter in this Reddit thread.

Thanks @grb

Pity Apple don’t allow third-party fingerprint readers - I should have guessed.

Also explains why Bitwarden can’t implement what many are asking for.

Thanks for your help.

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