MacOS Safari Extension Auto fill doesn't work

Hello all,
I am new to macOS. After I installed Bitwarden in Safari as an extension, the autofill worked briefly. But now it only works after I have loaded the page a second time or reloaded the page.
Is anyone familiar with this behavior and knows what the problem is?

Hi @thecyberduck - welcome to the Bitwarden community.

I have used BW on MacOS and Safari for a few years and not seen this behaviour before. Is it only on a particular site you are visiting?

No, its every site I visit. If I re-load it it works.

Bizarre. Never heard of this one before. Perhaps there is another extension interfering? Surely it must be something very specific to your setup?

Maybe try uninstalling BW, restarting Safari, and reinstalling BW again? Not sure what else to suggest - sorry!

I already did that. I also disabled other extensions and disabled the Safari integrated auto-fill from keychain.

Darn. I honestly have no idea - this is an issue I have not encountered or ever heard of.

You could try contacting Bitwarden support at:

Let us know how you make out! Cheers.

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Will try it. thank u