MacOS Integration

I’ve been using Bitwarden for a while, so far on Windows, but have recently bought a MacBook Pro 14in M2. I’ve installed BW there, and it is working as expected as a Safari extension, it autofills, etc. I’ve also installed the desktop app.

However, I was hoping to be able to integrate it OS-wide, in a similar way in which I did it in iOS/iPad OS, where I could specify I would like to use it to autofill everywhere (and even turned off Keychain in the same place).

On MacOS, I think this should be in Settings->Passwords->Password Options. Keychain does show up there, but not Bitwarden.

What am I missing?



Hi, same problem for me :expressionless: Bitwarden not show in Password option…

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I want to be able to store passkeys and it’s not seeing BW to do so.