macOS Firefox Bitwarden extension integration issue

I am running macOS Monterey 12.4 on an M1 MacBook Air with Touch ID.

In Safari I can unlock the Bitwarden extension using Touch ID, I think it’s because I ticked the biometrics checkbox in settings.

But in Firefox I do not have the option to unlock with Touch ID and the biometrics checkbox is not ticked. When I do tick it I get this message:

“Browser integration is not enabled in the Bitwarden Desktop application. Please enable it in the settings within the desktop application”.

I don’t know what this means, there is no “Browser integration” checkbox anywhere I can see in the Bitwarden Desktop application. I have no idea how I can enable this in Bitwarden Desktop app.

Why am I getting this message when using Firefox and what can I do to fix this?


Hi @Cy1 - welcome to the community forums.

Safari doesn’t require this to be setup, but all other browsers must be linked to the Bitwarden desktop app to enable biometrics. Details are here:

Solution worked, many thanks DaveH for your help :relaxed:

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