macOS Firefox Bitwarden extension cannot use touchId

I installed Bitwarden extension on Firefox 115.0.2. I have macOs Ventura 13.4.1, with the Bitwarden application installed (2023.7.0).

When i try to enable “unlock with biometrics” in the Firefox extension, i get the following error:

The option is enabled in Bitwarden macOs application.

I also have the Bitwarden Chrome extension installed, which works well with biometrics.

Any idea how I can fix that ? This is blocking my Chrome to Firefox migration.

Do you have “Allow browser integration” setting ticked in the “App Settings (All Accounts)” of the desktop app?

Yes, that’s what I meant by “The option is enabled in Bitwarden macOs application.”, but it may not have been explicit enough.

As mentioned also, it works from Chrome.

Sometimes, there are differences between the Bitwarden apps downloaded from the Mac App Store vs. those downloaded directly from Bitwarden. You could try downloading from the location you didn’t use previously and reinstalling.

Also, although I have not seen this particular issue on GitHub, there are several reports of biometrics issues experienced by users who have multiple Bitwarden accounts (and use account switching on their Desktop app). Is this the case for you?

From what i remember the biometrics only work if installed from the App Store. Again, it works on Chrome for the same macbook, but not on FF. I have a single Bitwarden account.

I have this issue too. Single account, touch id works in Safari. Just won’t work with FF.

I managed to fix it by disabling then re-enabling the browser integration in the Bitwarden macOS app. After that, the FF extension worked with touch ID.