MacOS client stops working

Looks like my Bitwarden client on my MacOs laptops stops working.

When opening the app, it keeps loading or shows an empty panel

My browser plugins are still working great. And on another computer the Bitwarden app is also working great. So it’s looks like something on this MacBook / installation

I am using the last version in the App Store (2023.10.1).

What I’ve tried:
-Deinstall/reinstall the app
-Restart PC
-Making Timemachine backup and restore on different MacBook

I have the same problem

Same issue here. MacOSX client shows a blank page. No login is possible and cannot use the app on Sonoma 14.1.2 and Bitwarden 2023.10.1.

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Typically this can be resolved, by closing Bitwarden, then in Finder navigating to the location your data is stored and deleting the entire contents of that folder.

Then, relaunch Bitwarden and you should be able to login and sync your data from the Bitwarden cloud as normal. If that doesn’t work and you still need assistance - please feel free to reach out to our Bitwarden Support team for help!

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Thanks, that’s works for me.

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When I look in my Mac at these locations I don’t find anything related to Bitwarden - ideas??? Thanks

  • macOS
    • Standard installations: ~/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden
    • Mac App Store: ~/Library/Containers/com.bitwarden.desktop/Data/Library/Application Support/Bitwarden

Hi @Rod_Shearer, welcome to community! :wave:

Can you please confirm you are using the desktop client? If not, the storage locations for different Bitwarden clients are listed in the Help article.

Thanks for the welcome and apologies because I am a new Mac user and I am still sorting out the differences.
I believe I’m using the client because I have Bitwarden installed as an app and it is listed in LaunchPad.
Bitwarden works fine through the web and on my phone but stopped working on my Mac laptop.
Maybe I’m misinterpreting the ‘~’ in the path? I’m thinking this is the same as C: drive in windows and in this case the root on the Mac has the name “Macintosh HD” which has a folder “Applications” and in “Applications” an entry for
Thanks for the help so far I’m liking Bitwarden a bunch but I have not been able to sort this issue out … yet.

@Rod_Shearer, the tilde (~) means your home directory. If you follow the rest of that path below your home dir you will find the files. It is not in “Macintosh HD/Applications” where the app itself is.

Editing to add:
If you are new to MacOS you may not have found your home Library folder simply because by default it is not visible. Do one of the following:

In Finder, open a new Finder window*. You will be in your home folder with no Library visible. In the menubar drop down the Go menu where the second-last item will be “Go to Folder…”. Choose that. The window which pops up should default to “~/Library/”. (If it does not, type it in and) Press return. You will now be in the top level of the Library with further folders in the chain visible. Not only that, but Library will be visible in your home directory until you close it.

  • If instead you start by opening “Macintosh HD”, you will then need to select “Users” and to get to your home directory. The Library you see under Macintosh HD belongs to the system, not to you.

A shortcut to Go to Folder… is Cmd-Shift-G

Otherwise, use Terminal. Go to your home directory with “cd ~” and use “ls”
Your Library will be visible with no other tricks.

From there, follow instructions as given earlier by sj-bitwarden. Ask again if you have any further MacOS related questions.

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