[macOS] Access menu bar options when dock icon is hidden

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In Bitwarden desktop for macOS, I have unchecked the Preference > APP SETTINGS (ALL ACCOUNTS) > Always show in the dock option because I leave it running in the background 24/7 for browser extension biometric authentication to work and prefer not having the icon visible on the dock all the time as well.

This introduced an issue where I cannot access the options located in the macOS menu bar, for example, Files > Export vault. In order to use these options, it seems I have to (1) re-enable the above option in Bitwarden preferences, (2) quit and relaunch Bitwarden for it to take effect, (3) access the desired option (e.g. export vault), (4) disable this option in Bitwarden preference again, and finally, (5) quit and relaunch Bitwarden for it to take effect.

I think this is cumbersome and that users who choose to uncheck the “Always show in the dock” option should be able to access those menu options more easily.

I do not have any concrete proposals for how the UI should be adjusted/redesigned to accomodate to it.

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