macOS 2022.10.1 update behaving oddly

I’ve just installed the latest macOS Bitwarden update (2022.10.1) and now Safari and the extension are behaving oddly:

I open Safari and then unlock the Bitwarden extension as usual. If I then run the standalone Bitwarden app it opens a new tab in Safari and displays a page saying “Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Bitwarden browser extension.” At the same time, the Bitwarden browser extension locks itself.

If I then unlock the browser extension, then run the Bitwarden standalone app again, it does the same thing - opens the Congratulations web page and locks the browser extension.

I’ve rebooted but this is still happening. Until today, opening the standalone Bitwarden app would only display the Congratulations web page once and it would definitely not lock the browser extension.

And now it’s working OK again. Not sure what’s been happening here - I left both Bitwarden app and Safari running for a few hours and it appears to have fixed itself.