Mac app store update failing

Anybody else run into this?:
apple app store reports update available - attempt to download by clicking update - download spinner for a second - back to update button - rinse - repeat - ad infinitum.
The store is up per systen status page.
Other app updates successful.
Two days so far - repeated attempts.

Yes, I’ve also run into this while trying to install the latest update through the macOS app store.

Today, it worked. We should know better than to question the mysteries of the App Store. Sigh…

It happened to me, also. But it also happened to a bunch of other apps. So this appears to be an App Store issue, and not a BW isssue.

FWIW, I was able to get it to work by deleting my apps from the Application folder and then downloading from the app store. Apps appear to be update-able again.