Lost 2FA and recovery code

I tried searching for a similar issue but couldn’t find one. My wife and I both use bitwarden. We have a default collection that we share between us. Anyway, she got a new phone and I stupidly didn’t remember to backup her authenticator app prior to switching to her new phone. Now, we don’t have access to the old phone so she is locked out of bitwarden currently. However, she was logged into a browser so we were able to export the vault without an issue and retain all of her passwords.

Here are my questions. Is the best route to just delete her account and create a new one? Can we create the new one with the same email once it is deleted? Can support just temporarily remove 2FA so we can set it up again? If we do end up deleting, will I have to add her back to the shared collection or will it automatically happen if it is the same email address?

Just trying to figure out the best route forward. Luckily, we have all the passwords but she just can’t login to bitwarden on her phone yet.

Hi @bpdamas,

You’ll want to delete the account following the instructions here. We can’t disable 2FA for security reasons of course.

After deleting the account, you can create another with the same email, and then you’ll need to re-invite her to the Organization and assign access to the appropriate collections. Then you’ll be all set!

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