Looking to import from c2 Synology

I’m trying to import a CSV file from C2 Synology; the C2 is not available as an option when importing and I’ve tried several other options with the same CSV file type but they all say the format is incorrect. The only one that didn’t doesn’t appear to have updated my vault. I already had some info in the vault, but it hasn’t changed as far as I can tell with the import. I’ve added a heap of websites to C2 since the vault in bitwarden was set up so I really need to get this one updated.

I’m finding C2 is very slow to react atm so am looking at trying Bitwarden, if I can get it to work.

Hi @sewsable and welcome to the community :tada:

There is currently no dedicated importer for a csv-file from C2.

You can modify the file though to import it via the Bitwarden CSV importer.

Instructions and more information can be found here

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