Logon form detection not working for www.autotask.net


I’ve recently started using the autotask PSA software to run part of my business but the logon form doesn’t seem to be being detected at all. I’m sure there is probably a “how to” somewhere to fix this but I was struggling to find it so I thought I would post it up.

Any suggestions?
Windows 10 21H2, Chrome 97.0.4692.99, BitWarden 1.55.0

Hello @garethw - welcome to the forums!

I had a quick look at the web login for autotask, and you won’t be able to autofill that one. That is a very cleverly designed web page that seems to deliberately block autofill operations. If you inspect the login text box, the id it uses is randomly generated each time you load the page, so I don’t think there is a way to autofill it.

If you are a customer, I would contact their web support and make a complaint that they are blocking password managers. I suspect this is not their real intent, and their unconventional web form is actually some type of solution to impede bots from trying to login to their site.

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Hey David, thanks for the super speedy response!!!

I fully understand, I’ll drop their team a note, whilst I agree that it’s probably a byproduct of some other protection, forcing me to keep that password in notepad is not going to help my security! (no, don’t worry I’m not really doing that…)

Is it possible for me to manually add the un/pw to bitwarden so that I can at least copy / paste the details in? I’ve never tried, I should probably give that a go before asking!

To answer my own stupid question…

Yes, when you are on the site you want to manually add credentials for you click the bitwarden icon, then click the very cleverly named “add a login” link…


No worries Gareth - I probably should have suggested that in my post above! Cheers.

Can you try using the custom field name “UserName”? I believe BW checks against multiple attributes, not just the field ID.

That works - good call Dan!

I just headed over there to try this and it now seems to be auto detecting and filling the fields. Granted I had already manually saved them but it is working. Did something get updated?