Logins/passwords from a shared organisation collection do not appear in my vault


I’ve moved from LastPass to Bitwarden but I’m having a problem… I have a personal premium membership account with all my logins sorted into folders (this works great).

I also have set up a free organisation that both myself and my partner are owners of. Within this organisation, there is a collection to which both of us have access. I can view and manage logins/passwords via the Web UI by clicking on the “Organisations” section in the sidebar on the right-hand side.

However… from my (mis?)understanding, I should also be able to view the logins/passwords in the organisation collection within my own vault (e.g in one big list in browser extensions etc), however, I can not.

My devices are synced and I’ve tried various things, but I can not seem to access a shared collection from another organisation in my main vault.

Is this an issue or have I misunderstand how organisations/collections work?


If you haven’t seen this help page already, you may find it useful:

Thanks @dh024 - this page confirms that my thinking was right - logins that exist under a shared collection in an Organisation should appear in my vault - but this isn’t happening for me.

EDIT: So it seems I have figured this out. Although I was an owner of the Organisation, I hadn’t granted myself access to the specific collection under Manage → Collections → COG → Users.

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Glad you figured it out! :+1: