"Login with new device" not available on new laptop

Just got a new laptop and can login with Bit Warden, however the login option of “Login with device” is missing. This option works with my other devices so no sure what step I might be missing.

Thanks Community.


Hello @DenverDTS and welcome to the community,

You’ll need to login at least once with your master password to have Bitwarden recognize your device as a trusted client to allow for the Log in with device option.

To set up logging in with a device:

  • Log in normally to the initiating app (web vault, browser extension, desktop, or mobile app) at least once so that Bitwarden can recognize your device.

This helps to cut down on illegitimate login requests to your device and can help to prevent a similar type of attack known as “MFA fatigue” where an unauthorized login prompt could be sent to your device multiple times causing you to either accidentally approve the login or possibly “fatigue” you into simply accepting the login prompt to stop the notifications.

I would note though, the Login with device option will only bypass the master password and you will still need to use your 2FA method to login.

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Doesn’t Bitwarden ask you to confirm the fingerprint precisely to avoid that? What’s the point then of not letting the user use this kind of login in new devices?