Login with device on self-hosted instance

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Is there any plans to implement login with device on a self-hosted environment?

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Hi @Marc78,

See my recent comment

TL;DR The team is already working to release this one and should be merged and included in a upcoming release hopefully soon.

Thank you for the feedback return :+1:

Should login with device work on self-hosted bitwarden 2023.8.2?
Because it doesn’t for me.
The request shows up on my device and I can accept it but the other client is not recognizing it.

It doesn’t work for me either on a self-hosted docker deployment.

I’m running 2023.10.2.

I’m seeing this in the Browser Console:
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://bw3344.myserver.com/notifications/anonymous-hub?Token=6da273b0-7427-4b6f-b61d-b06642665211.

I figured it out. My BW was behind an nginx Reverse Proxy. I had to enable WebSockets Support in the Nginx Reverse Proxy GUI.

It works now.

With Bitwarden 2023.10.1 it now works for me too!

Thanks to whoever is responsible.


I finally got it working