'Login With Device' not the right IP

Hi everyone,

When I attempt to sign into Bitwarden using the ‘Login With Device’ from either the Edge or Firefox browsers on two separate systems the ‘Login requested’ notification on my mobile indicates the correct fingerprint phrase but the IP address is NOT the same as the IP of the network I am connecting from.

In the same browser going to whatsmyip.com shows the correct IP address for the network I am on, but anytime I ‘Login with device’ I get completely different IP’s in the 167.82.x.x range. What is the extension doing? Is this IP range familiar to Bitwarden? How can I trust the ‘Login with device’ feature if the IP the connection purports to come from is not the same as my actual network?

I have not logged in yet and I have also deauthorized any existing sessions as a precationary measure.

What is the native behaviour of the extension? Does it connect from some kind of isolated/built-in VPN?

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Hi and welcome to the community:

I always get the same IP as the one seen by an external website I check, from all the clients. The other info I check is the random passphrase the client generates. It’s hard to imagine somebody coming up with that in so short a time unless it’s a very sophisticated malware on my system.

Do you get the same IP results with this: https://www.whatismyip.com/ ?

For the website that you use, it doesn’t list IPv4 address for me at all, and the geolocation is less accurate.

Hey I got logged out again because of the ongoing firefox issue and I usually login with device cause it’s quick.

I’ve also noticed that the IP didn’t match just today a moment ago and came here. Using any other website reports my usual IP that hasn’t changed.

The IP it reports for me is:
https://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ says it is owned by Fastly.

And trying out from your example also happens to show it from Fastly but from a different area.

I assume that it’s an error from Bitwarden using Fastly. I probably won’t login still till they fix it though. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Same here, Firefox plugin, my Android device says I am trying to log in from (Fastly).

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