Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa

Feature Request Description

As the title, if it possible to automatically log in the web browser when a windows bitwarden app already logged in and unlock?

Why I Want This Feature

When I use my Windows laptop I usually first log in my BitWarden Windows app, since it has more complete functionality then the web extension.

But at the same time if I want to use the auto-fill feature in my browser then I need to again log in my browser extension, and this duplicated work make me feel a little bit inconvenient.

Improve Auto Login Ability

I also saw another post requesting the feature to auto login to web vault when browser extension logged in. And I think these could merged into a single topic of improve auto-login ability of bitwarden, because it doesn’t make sense to let user enter the master password again if you can already know this user is qualified to access the vault.

Acutally I think all apps (including web vault, desktop apps, browser extension etc.) should have the ablity to auto login when it can confirm there is already an active logged in account on this device. Also there could be an option that allow users to disable this feature if they has some concern about the safety of this feature.

I support this, though substitute “desktop” for “Windows” in the title.

It would be really useful if the browser extensions could follow the lock state of the desktop app.

For example, if I unlocked the extension in the browser then close the browser, when the browser is reopened I need to unlock the extension again. It would be really useful if I could just unlock the desktop app and have the extension follow suit, similar to what 1Password can do, especially as I work across multiple browsers for work.


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As I understand, the requirements of biometric unlock were recently changed such that the desktop app now needs to be unlocked first before a biometric unlock can be performed in the browser extension. Given that, what’s the point of requiring a biometric step at all anymore? I think that the browser biometric function should just be removed entirely and replaced with this feature, in which the browser simply gets unlocked without any extra steps if the desktop app is unlocked. Wouldn’t that provide the same level of security as what we have currently, except with a more convenient workflow similar to what 1Password and others already achieve?

Thanks for considering this request, Shawn

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After logging onto the BitWarden web interface and then needing a browser instance, don’t make me log in twice. If I log in on the browser, then the web interface should be active, and vice versa.

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