Login on Chromebook Restart Without Master Password

Hi, is it possible to login on a Chromebook either to the web extension or the App itself without the master password on a restart. I have enabled the pin option and also chose biometrics login but after each shutdown of the app and subsequent restart, I have to enter my lengthy master password in rather than enter a pin for example.

I know my fingerprint sensor on Chromebook isn’t intended to function as an initial login feature but only when the device is locked rather than shutdown, but was hoping to at least utilise the PIN instead.

Hey @ahmadravat can you confirm if you’ve tried just disabling pin, and just using biometrics to unlock? https://bitwarden.com/help/vault-timeout/

Hi , I can try but not sure if that would work as biometrics requires the desktop app which bitwarden only recognises as the windows desktop app rather than the app on Chromebook from the playstore. I will give it a go though and update.

Ah, fair point, I forgot about the Chrome OS.

The closest I can get to in terms of a workaround is to load the web vault and then send a notification to my device. I can then get my master password from within my vault and then paste it in to the chrome extension and playstore app, but it’s a bit tedious of a process.

I have a similar setup and my preferred method of login is as follows:
I set my phone bitwarden app setting “approve login requests” to “on”.
Now, when I start up chrome after a reboot, I can select the “login with device” button instead of entering the MPW… and an approval request appears on my phone.
Hope this helps.

What device are you using chrome on? And where do you select the login with device option as the extension in chrome and the playstore app only ask for the master password for me? If it had the login with device option I would be satisfied with that.

Oh rats, I got ahead of myself. Just tried to verify my login method and its not there in the chrome extension. As far as I can tell, this feature is available for the website vault, but doesn’t appear in the chrome extension. Sorry… would love to see it there also, maybe a feature request is in order.

Good news, looks like the feature request is already agreed for implementation.
See this thread, not sure on timing though.

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