Login in 2 different web pages

On my webmail, they updated the interface few days ago, and now the password appear only after validation (by clicking on the button or by pressing ENTER) of the email.
And as I’m using the autofill shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+L and have several email account, each time I’m using the autofill, it fill-in an email from 1 account, then a password from the next account (due to account rotation by doing several time CTRL+SHIFT+L).

How can I proceed to indicate to Bitwarden to not change of account between email fill-in and password fill-in ?

@Tank Welcome to the forum!

This is a tough one, and I don’t think there is an easy solution. That webmail login form does not actually load a new page to collect the password information, it just uses a script to rewrite the HTML code of the original page (to make it display a password field instead of the email field). Bitwarden isn’t able to determine that the page has changed (because the URL remains the same), so it thinks that you want to cycle to the next available login account when you press Ctrl+Shift+L a second time.

The irony is that the new two-step interface is completely unnecessary, because laposte.net does not actually perform any validation of the email address before requesting the password. If they wanted a two-step login form, it would have been better if they included both the email and password input fields in the HTML code that is first loaded, but changed the visibility of the two fields so that only one was displayed at a time (for example, this is the way the amazon.com login form works). This allows a password manager to simultaneously autofill both the visible email field and the (temporarily) hidden password field in one step. Perhaps you can contact the website owner and recommend that they improve their HTML code to make it compatible with the use of password managers.

You may also want to search for (or submit) a Feature Request that proposes improved functionality in Bitwarden’s browser extension, to handle such situations.

In the meantime, the only suggestions I have for you is to use the right-click context menu to autofill the password for the desired account, or to open the browser extension and click on the desired account to auto-fill its password.