Login failed in self-hosted server (iOS Beta App)

When I click the “Log in with master password” button, the app displays a dialog box: “An error has occurred”

I can also reproduce this. I am using Vaultwarden

Hi all,

It is important to note that Vaultwarden is not associated with Bitwarden. Vaultwarden is a re-writing of the Bitwarden server code in Rust, that is not contributed to or supported by the Bitwarden team or organisation. Bitwarden makes no guarantees for the performance of our clients when connecting to a Vaultwarden server, and issues with Vaultwarden should be reported in that project’s github or reddit.

@ewrt are you also using Vaultwarden when you get this error, or are you trying to connect to a cloud or self-hosted Bitwaren?

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I have the same with the bitwarden app. Cannot open it and it says “An error has occurred”. My wife and son the same. They cannot open the app.

same here, I don’t know if official account works

I’m having the same problem with android.

I’m assuming Vaultwarden is not ( yet ) compatible with the beta version of the app.

Having the same issue on the Android version of the app.

Same error with self hosted server on Android Beta App

Please specify if you are hosting Vaultwarden or an official Bitwarden instance.

I am self hosting on Vaultwarden

This is a know issue with Vaultwarden.

Yes, I am using Vaultwarden. Thank you for your explanation. It seems that I should give feedback to them, thank you.