Logging into Google with a Bitwarden stored passkey

I created a passkey for the google account & stored it in the BW vault. I don’t see anyway to use that passkey for login to the google account.

The passkey is listed in the BW vault and the google account. Maybe the functionality is not yet implemented?

If you’re using Windows, then there is a known BW bug/issue at present with Passkeys and the Google logon page with any browser on MS Windows.
Works fine on my Mac and also Raspberry Pi, very convenient, in fact some say a little too convenient.

Thank you for the update. This passkey thing has me concerned. Before you were using a hardware key (w/wo password) for the best security. Now you have hardware key functionality in passkeys. Passkeys are being stored everywhere, iCloud, BW, Googlel account…Hardware keys are in your physical possession…much more secure in my opinion.

Is there a link to the specific post talking about this bug? I couldnt find it when searching. I also encountered this and liked if this was fixed.

There is at least 1 issue on GitHub about it. Passkey not found · Issue #6764 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub