Logging into apps or websites on ios requires password reprompt every time :(

Hi guys,

I could only find the opposite of this request so far.

I’m setting my phone up and tend to use lots of apps. As I’m logging into these apps, I keep having to re-enter my password. Is there something that I can set so that it won’t ask that every time? My master password is long and this just opens me up to people seeing me type my master password repeatedly.

Go to Settings > Lock options and try setting it to “On app restart”. Also, you can turn on fingerprint authentication.

I have it set that way, but still require master password before any login on mobile. Is this normal for everyone?

Fingerprint authentication is great on android but not so much on iphone XR or 11.

I’m experiencing the same problem on an iPhone 6s. I found that the only way to avoid this is to change Settings > Lock options to “Never”. Obviously, this is very undesirable due to security concerns. Seems like Bitwarden isn’t able to detect how long it’s been since the password was entered.

This is an older thread, but the problem still exists. It’s particularly annoying for two-screen logins like Google. They’re more secure, but I have to enter my fingerprint twice.

At first I thought it might be older ios versions (like on my Ipad Air, terminal OS version 12.4.7 .) But it’s the same on my Iphone 7, 13.5.1 . I allowed PIN signin on the old Ipad, but was surprised to find that I didn’t have to re-enter my full Vault password (once) a day later, after closing both Bitwarden and Safari. I had chosen Vault Timeout On App Restart. But I didn’t restart the app before opening Safari and performing some logins!

I was also surprised to discover that it is not necessary to have the Bitwarden App running on the Apple mobile device to have the lookup procedure work. I wonder if “Allow Background App Refresh” security setting is involved with this. Nowadays, I generally turn that off when I install a new App on an Apple device.