Locking new Registration

Hello people!
Im new to docker installations and i got my trouble changing settings afterwards.

I got a new Installation of bitwarden on my virtual machine with the Instructions of bitwarden itself. Everything works so fine and i have actually no problems and bugs.

Although i want to lock my own bitwarden server from people creating Accounts.
Im cant find this configuration files anywhere and im just to new/stupid for those Docker things.

Is there a way to seeif anyone already registered to my server and how can I completely remove those accounts?

Do i have to restart installation and change, curl the docker
and repeat ./bitwarden.sh install?

According to this guide

I have to finde that file and change it, but I cant find /opt/docker/bwdata/env/global.override.env anywhere on the server?

I cant find /opt/docker/bwdata/env/global.override.env anywhere on the server?

how do it change these settings after set up installation?

Pls be patient with me, im realtivly new and I’ve saved no important data on my vault jet.

Thank you for your help!

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anyone could help me with an answer here?

According to the documentation, you can “view and delete registered users” from the System Administrator Portal:

As an additional step you may wish to configure the included environment variables globalSettings__disableUserRegistration=true which should allow you to disable registration for your instance.

Included variables

The following variables are among those that already exist in global.override.env:

Variable Description
globalSettings__disableUserRegistration= Specify true to disable new users signing up for an account on this instance via the registration page.