Locked out of my vault

I’m currently locked out of my bitwarden vault. I have the password but don’t remember the email address as it has been auto saved in the past and not something I input regularly. I have tried all the email addresses I can think of but no luck. In addition I can’t login to most of these email addresses because the passwords were in the vault. I have contacted bitwarden support but thought there may be a solution offered here that I haven’t thought of. Thanks.

Hello @Michael_Brydges - sorry to hear that you locked yourself out of your vault. That has to be frustrating. Unfortunately, you absolutely need to know the email that you used for the vault. Have you tried going through all your devices/clients to see if a session is still active - that would be an easy way to learn your password. Even if the session is no longer active, often your browser or extension will cache the email address. The other thin you can do is search all your known email accounts for an email from Bitwarden - you would have received at least one to setup your account originally.

Other than that, I’m afraid I can’t think of much else you can do, unless of course you have made a backup of your vault that you can check (I assume not if you are posting here).

Also unlikely, but if you are a premium customer then the “front office” can help you track stuff via your payment invoice. The payment receipt likely used the same email addy that you created the vault with. A long shot but we are trying here!