Lock Settings do not work - App keeps locking me out (Android Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite)

The app on my Android device keeps locking me out every time I copy a password and switch to another app (without closing Bitwarden).
I’m using a Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite and Bitwarden Version 2.9.1

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? Have you found a solution?

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Yeah I’m getting the same problem in the desktop app on Windows and the Edge extension. Really annoying. It would be great if this could get fixed.

It sounds like you need to adjust your Vault Timeout settings and/or Vault Timeout Action.

See also the notes about default extension timeouts.

I’m experiencing the very same issue with Firefox extension. I tried everything since it first appeared – many browser and extension updates, different PCs, new user profile, playing with various timeout options etc. The extension just got locked immediately after unlocking. I also tried different unlock options like master password, PIN, Face recognition…
The only option which prevents this behavior is to lock when browser restart.