Lock device from remote


I’m currently using Dashlane. One big issue for me is that I can’t use a login for multiple URLs. I’m web developer and often have the situation that I need to log into multiple versions of one website with the same credentials.

In Bitwarden I can do this.

But on the other hand I miss one feature of Dashlane in Bitwarden. I understood that I can set Auto-Lock to some time interval (1 day, 4 hours, …). But when I set it to more than one day and use the plugin at work, when I get ill or have holidays maybe my colleagues can log into all of my websites :wink:

Is there any way to lock a device from another device? Remote? So that I can use my smartphone to lock the account in my computer at work?

Thanks in advance!

Bye The_Unknown

Ah, I found it in https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/vault

Yep. I am assuming you found the Settings ---- > Danger Zone — > Deauthorize sessions tab in the vault.

You‘re right :wink: