Local vault

Add the option, on all platforms, to store the vault locally ONLY. In other words, turn cloud sync OFF forever.

@peterzay Hi!

Here is a corresponding feature request:

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On Windows, you can achieve this by installing the Portable Desktop App, and then setting up your firewall rules to block all internet traffic to and from the executable.

Nonetheless, since Bitwarden’s design fundamentally is based on a server-client arrangement, you would probably be better served using a true off-line password manager solution, like KeePassXC.

KeePassXC on Ubuntu 22.04 works very well. On Ubuntu 24.04, the auto-type feature has been removed due to incompatibility with Wayland (an Ubuntu component). So, the killer feature of a killer app has been eliminated. Hence my interest in Bitwarden.

Regrettably, whether online or off-line, Bitwarden does not have auto-type functionality. The Bitwarden browser extension does have auto-fill (which is like auto-type, but only works to fill credentials on web pages), but it would not be possible to run the browser extension in an off-line mode while also interacting with online login forms in your browser.

The only other relevant Bitwarden feature that does exist currently is transferring of credentials using drag-and-drop.