Local hosting, admin portal with non-default 443 https port issues

Bitwarden Server 1.37.1 / CentOS 7

if I use the default https port 443, I can access Web Vault and Admin Portal.
but when I change the https port 443 to 8443, I can access Web Vault, But can’t access Admin Portal.

When I access https://vault.bitwarden.in:8443/admin, it automatically jump to https://vault.bitwarden.in/admin/login?returnUrl=%2Fadmin.

What other settings should I modify? THX!


url: https://vault.bitwarden.in:8443
generate_compose_config: true
generate_nginx_config: true
http_port: 8080
https_port: 8443
ssl: true
ssl_managed_lets_encrypt: false
ssl_certificate_path: /etc/ssl/vault.bitwarden.in/certificate.crt
ssl_key_path: /etc/ssl/vault.bitwarden.in/private.key
ssl_ca_path: /etc/ssl/vault.bitwarden.in/ca.crt
push_notifications: true
database_docker_volume: false



Hello @wcjxixi,
may I suggest you to use a reverse proxy instead of just opening another port? I think it should be for you also much easier to work with :slight_smile:. Then you would have:

Instead of https://…:8080, and need to remember the ports.

If you want to make this change I already have an example and can help you with that. Otherwise say so and I will help you with your implementation when I have some time.


use a reverse proxy, yes, no this problem and no need to remember port. But, A non-443 port must be used for some reason.

I think bitwarden can do it, but my settings are incorrect.

Hello @wcjxixi,

try this:
from https://vault.bitwarden.in/admin/login?returnUrl=%2Fadmin%2F
to https://vault.bitwarden.in:8443/admin/login?returnUrl=%2Fadmin%2F


If you really want to fix it

After some research I found that if you want to fix it you need to do the following:

  1. Download source code (https://github.com/bitwarden/server)
  2. Go to src/Admin/Controllers/LoginController.cs on line 64
  3. Debug the code, why it does not return the given port
  4. Recompile
  5. Create the docker image via docker build
  6. Use that image in your docker-compose file (under /bwdata/docker)
  7. Run bitwarden

Note: Since, I’ve not fixed it, there is a small possibility that I might be wrong

Although not the best solution for you, I hope this helps you anyway :slight_smile:

Thank your reply.

This solution of yours may work, but there will be other problems, such as subsequent updates, which will be tedious!

Hopefully Bitwarden will fix the problem so that we can simply change the port number!

from https://vault.bitwarden.in/admin/login?returnUrl=%2Fadmin%2F
to https://vault.bitwarden.in:8443/admin/login?returnUrl=%2Fadmin%2F

magical! Follow this method, I can access and enter the admin portal.

Maybe it’s bug.