List of characters for "avoid ambiguous characters"

Is there a list of characters that is not used when the avoid ambiguous characters option is enabled?

a-z Ambiguous: l
A-Z Ambiguous: IO
0-9 Ambiguous: 01

Source: jslib/src/services/passwordGeneration.service.ts



Sorry I’m a bit late to the party. I was wondering in which case anyone would actually use “avoid ambiguous characters”, I mean the passwords generated by Bitwarden are not meant to be remembered anyway nor to be typed by hand (most of the time you copy/paste the password).

Could somebody explain?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve found there are some instances where passwords cannot be pasted. The two that come to mind are (1) systems I don’t own, and (2) limited-functionality environments (such as the Windows installer, or text-only systems like Linux’s tty1, tty2, …, tty6).

I can also imagine a use for non-Internet-connected systems, and for passwords someone might need to write down, such as a wifi password or an e-transfer password.

(I’m not a Bitwarden user, so if any of this doesn’t apply, I apologize.)

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Perhaps this description applies…

It basically says avoid mixing ‘0’ zero with ‘O’ capital O, or I with i,l, ot L etc…

Do you get the picture? If so please upvote +1 my answer.