List Collections permissions in "bw list org-members"

We have 60+ users, all having access to entries through collections. The only way to find out who got access to what is by manualy checking the users assigned collections in the web interface.
I’m using the bw CLI tool, but I can’t make any connection there between user-ID - collection-ID - item-ID.
What I can do is listing any collections an item is in, here like a csv ‘collection, item_name, item_id’

#!/usr/bin/env fish

# add items to one specifict collection matching a regex
set all_collections (bw list collections --organizationid "xxxx")
set social_media_collection_id (echo $all_collections | jq '.[] | .id')
set all_items (bw list items )
printf 'collection,item_name,item_id\n'
for single_collection_id in $social_media_collection_id
	for item_id in (echo $all_items | jq '.[] | select(.collectionIds[]|contains('$single_collection_id')) | .id')
		printf '%s,' (echo $all_collections | jq '.[] | select(.id == '$single_collection_id') | .name')
		printf '%s,' (echo $all_items | jq '.[] | select(.id == '$item_id') | .name')
		printf '%s\n' (echo $all_items | jq '.[] | select(.id == '$item_id') | .id')

set -e $all_items